Sometime in March, I decided to take an online course on Solar systems and astronomy on Edx. I chose that subject because:

  1. I was fascinated by the study of celestial bodies in primary school
  2. I wanted to learn something outside of my scope. Learning never ends.

The class has honestly been insightful, especially for someone without any background in astronomy. While taking the class, it helps to have some basic knowledge of physics, so one does not get lost on certain laws that govern the solar system. Also it gives more info on the history of solar astronomy in a fun way. Tools were provided for us to do our own personal observations of the night sky.

The reason why I chose to write on this was to explain something I have also assimilated from the course.

This process of learning has helped me to appreciate and connect more with my creator. Can you imagine its the same being that put us on this earth that created the system of matter, greater than our earth, and even gave us the authority over it? I tend to remember that when I get into moments of despair over little things.

Through my observations of the Milky Way Galaxy, one thing that seems to hit me as a constant is creation. Before the existence of our current state in the universe was a process of creation i.e change of energy forms. Be it a new star, dying star, matter is created. Or how some planets like ours are perfectly situated from their stars, not too close to burn, not to far to freeze. Or how here on earth we are also creating. Be it creating something with life, something that gives life or something without life. Be it humans creating and improving on tools that could make or mar history. creation. masterpiece. out there. shared.

What is a society that does not continue to create or continue to evolve with time?

Outdated. Dépassé.

So today I implore you to create something today. Fashion. Music. Art. Poetry. Institution. Solutions. Discussion. Bill. Discovery. Beginning of a book. It doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as you begin and it comes from a place of love, hard work and service, the creator’s universe has its way of molding it to your taste.