Yeside DS

Unfiltered perspective for newbies by a newbie

Stay Present. Be Fully Alive. Enjoy The Ride.


This site was created as an outlet to talk about renewable energy and energy efficiency related topics; showcase talent and help others learn about what they can do as individuals to sustain our earth. From time to time I also talk about what I am up to as a young female professional in the Nigerian energy industry.

On other connected sites here, I talk about books I’ve read.

I recently contributed to the Enlight Series in Business Day with an article on Electricity Customer Classification. Here’s a link to the PDF version.

If you’re a GBCI Certified Professional In Nigeria, you might find this group helpful through your journey. It’s also open to those considering the certification.

I also created a wish list of the things I’m digging right now, take a look.

Feel free to find me on social media, and don’t be scared to say HI!

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