That one that you don’t exactly enjoy spending time with anymore but do out of guilt or habit

You’re thinking it’s the one where your interests have gotten more and more different, have nothing in common anymore, you might have grown apart? Correct

The one you don’t speak to quite often, and when you do, the conversations are mid. Joyless. Lacking Energy. Lacking Vitality. Hmm hmm.

The one where you’re putting in a lot of work to maintain the conversation, no longer interested in life updates.

The one where you’re checking in out of a sense of duty, not powered by genuine desire to spend time together.

You’re dreading the time you’re about to spend together.

The one that just feels like there’s much pressure to stay in touch

That one that your connection was based on the fact that you worked together, that you had that one school trip you experienced together

That one that you can’t really say no to because:

You believe that it’s important to sustain friendships for a life time

You believe friends are forever

You believe you have to be there for family always

You believe friends don’t just leave each other

You believe if you don’t nurture these relationships you’ll be alone when you get older

Yeah, that one

It’s okay. Here’s the permission to stop feeling guilty about it. Apparently it’s a common things experienced by almost all.

But there are a few paths to take when you identify these friendships, after removing the guilt.

Give a thought to what you really really want with your friendships, then decide to:

Have a talk about it

Take a break

Simply let go