This post initially was supposed to be a post in honour of earth day, I wanted to help create more awareness about how we can treat our earth better. At the time of conception, there was an article on CNN that I wanted to use as a benchmark on my performance as a planet conserver/citizen of planet earth/leader not preacher and also help y’all understand somethings more (e.g how you might be contributing to greenhouse gases+insert link for more info on ghg). It ended up being quite a long post, and knowing how short the attention span of humans………. these days are, I was considerate enough to split it into a series of (twenty)four, covering a topic in each post. Hopefully it still isn’t too long & this would be over in a min.

Vampire energy

As the name implies, this is energy sucked under compulsion. JK. This is the energy zapped from electronics that are not in use, but are plugged to outlets, even if they’re off or on standby. It might not seem significant but in the long run it means one has to pay more for electricity than they usually would if they simply unplugged. I mean savings yall. It also means the laws of demand and supply have to be in play. There also tends to be significant effect when it’s not just one property involved.

 “A study of 70,000 northern California homes by The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) estimates the average household’s standby power use is 164 watts, or about 1,300 kilowatt-hours annually per home.”

And that’s for the USA alone. Also more supply means more generation and therefore more greenhouse gas emissions.


Honestly, I’m bad at this because truly truly I know the effects of vampire energy. I am guilty of this especially when I leave my phone and laptop plugged half of the day. Yeah. Practice what you preach. Culprits for consuming energy under compulsion include printers, desktop computers, television etc.Usually our excuses not to do the right thing could be presented in the form of “It’s hard to reach the outlet behind the TV” or ” it takes a lot of work to plug or unplug the coffee machine” Well, extensions/adapters exist for a reason. And if you can’t afford that, unplug and use savings to purchase when you can. So do somtething nice for the future generation today. C’est tres sympa. Unplug unplug unplug.