For a minute, it may seem so sweet.

Sweet and fair life.

Things may not be as bad as it usually is.

We get comfortable.

And then we’re shaken,

life unpredictable.



In these past few months, I’ve read stories online of people in Nigeria that passed away from certain illnesses, whether brief or long term. I know God is the only one who gives and takes, but the situations these people were in, there’s just that doubt in the back of my mind that their deaths were accelerated due to negligence on the part of the hospital staff. Hospital staff that require a police report for an emergency, due to hospital policy. Hospital staff that require you to bring your own medical supplies in an emergency.

Even when these are provided, these people are never given the best care before they give up on life.


Like the story of Ekene’s dad & hero, that just passed away, like he didn’t matter to anyone, in the hands of those that supposedly took an oath to save lives. It was heart wrenching for me to read.

My reaction was “these people should be fired and arrested because what they did was conspiracy to murder his dad” tbh. Lol. We all know the country we live. The system hardly works.

I think we’ve become so used to mediocrity in Nigeria that an event like this, that could be avoided, still happens. People complain, do our hmmms, ahhhs and omase os, and by the next day, week, month we are back to accepting that our lives as Nigerians are not worth more. We become numb to whatever mediocre thing is handed to us. Suffering and smiling is the motto.

Even when you decide you want to speak & act against such things, you realize you end up being alone and people look at you like a fool. (speaking from a random experience I had at the end of my NYSC year)

It’s hospitals like these that also give a bad name to other standard (expensive) hospitals. I’m not saying hospitals in Nigeria don’t provide good care, all I’m saying is a facility like LASUTH, that is supposed to cater to the average Nigerian looking for ways to survive daily, this is just torture.

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++I just randomly googled LASUTH and they have like 4/5 stars. Who gives these reviews though?