The other day, I was at the market to get shoes and a few clothes. There was a shop I went into, and oh my they had lovely shoes. My mind was set, this would be my new shoe spot (I have a thing for shoes *blush*). Then I found a pair of black gladiators that I liked and I felt would be nice if I copped them. “Oya how much?”, I asked. As usual, as it is with these market/Ibo boys that like “extracting” money from unsuspecting customers, he tripled the original/usual price for me. I just chuckled, “Abeg talk price jo”. Then he said “Sister you know this shoe na *stock, na designer shoe”. My point now is I’m not a fan of designer things. I’ll rather buy some very fancy, long lasting, unknown bag than buy a designer bag that would even be fake as we see these days. I feel that as long as I have comfortable, cute shoes/clothes, I’m alright. At least I’m not walking barefoot or naked. And if the only reason why people buy designer shoes/clothes is to “oppress” others, it doesn’t work because who would start checking you out because of your shoes. The only reason why I purchased those glads was because I liked them, they were comfortable, lasting and I wasn’t going to be walking barefoot not because they were Gucci or Prada. No no.

*It’s Ceeday*