A Day In CeeDay’s World.

It’s the midnight of the 18th/19th August, and I haven’t had contact with internet, or even listened to music on my phone (which died due to some virus which I suspect might take over my laptop soonest.) ….I’m supposed to be in bed but due to you bloggers, have to stay up and give you the 411 as usual…but I won’t lie to you, right now I’m listening to that favourite male musician of mine à Trey Songz. I don’t know what it is exactly but it just struck me today (right after my dad asked) what exactly is it that I like about this guy? Great voice, bod, character or that smooth talk he’s got? What exactly is it CeeDay?? That’s got you crazy like this….never been this obsessed before (not like I’m obsessive or sm’n )……Okay time to quit daydreaming about boys/guys that don’t even know you!!!(frigging annoying you know)…..as much as we tweet at trey baby….it still aint the same…speaking of tweets, Twitter has totally taken over…I really want to get a BB cos of BBm’s and tweets but I just have the feeling that when I get it, I might just shut myself from the whole real world (hoping mum or dad don’t see this cos that would totally kill what I’m going to write next) .I really get quiet and distracted when there’s internet next to me, I know I just can’t help it, went to rehab a couple of times, but that isn’t going to work for me, see what these scientists and whizzes have done to our world argh! For someone like me, amongst others in the world, most of my friends are on all these social networking sites that sap all our time e.g this blog. Imagine having 1000 frieds…aint that madness? Sure about 60% are enemies unknown to mankind. And yet we lose some of them in real life….this kinda applies to me you know….noone’s perfect dudes , we all have to work towards it.

Btw is there like an age limit on twitter? Due to the fact that there are adults on it and everyone can see what you tweet. As it is with adult adults, sh*t would def pop up on tweets and you don’t know whose kid is there reading and seeing all sorts. And what’s the dealio with having a lot of contacts, say 250, on your bbm when you’re not even a celeb, it’s not facebook for goodness sakes!!And all you get are pings from unknown people, and what do you do after all these pings?? You throw foolish tantrums!! “Who are you?” “How’d you get my pin?” ‘It’s 2 a.m!!”….wtf?was it me that asked you to advertise your pin or add those people for you?

Kai, people like talking beautiful nonsense… yawwwwnnn, yeah I know,..me… it’s very late and I should be going to bed. Tried for the day, though I didn’t tell you much. (I miss chatting)

Sweet dreams “bleeps”:D

Yours’ triggerliciously,

CeeDay Songz